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Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.

Companies/Communities Web sites

Genesis3D Game engine
Digital Delirium Design, Inc.
G3DBuilder - Genesis3D for Borland C++Builder SDK
Wild Tangent - Game Driver and Web Driver
Jet3D Game engine
Eldermage - 6DX Game engine
The Virtual Terrain Project
The Nebula Device Game engine
Goldtree - Luke Ahearn
RANimation Studios
Lone Coyote
Game Titan - Cheese Frenzy and more...
GameDesign - The source for game design and development issues
CyberSpectrum PG - The Eden RPG Game Engine website

Tutorials Web sites (some of these websites have a lot more to offer)

The World of Genesis
The Genesis University
Klaus Zerbe web site
3D Sector
Wiinsock2 for Games (tutorial)
Born Gamer - G3D Tutorials and the "Raven" project
Code Guru - Great developer site
Anim8or Tutorial Site
Eden Eclipse
The Code Project - Great developer site

Software Web sites (Software related to G3D development)

Chumbalum Soft - MilkShape3D
WorldCraft editor
Caligari - TrueSpace
Hash - Animation Master
Animation Master exporter
Kynetix - 3D Studio Max
GenSurf - Terrain generator
TerGen - Terrain Generator

Tools Web sites (Tools developped for G3D)

DriverEnum for Genesis3D
Genesis3D World Editor v2.0 Beta1 - Singularity
Added features  to the Genesis3D Engine by Xing Studios

GameShell Web sites (G3D Minapps / Gameshell)

ActiveFrame Project

Graphics/Art Web sites (Mainly 3D graphics and modeling)

RANimation Studios
Toob's Tiled Textures

3D Projects Web sites

Digital Delirium Design, Inc.
Liniar Interactive - Freezard
Life Expectancy
Eden Eclipse

Genesis3D Games & Demos Web sites

Nexus - AI Wars
Alien Logic - Survivor of the Ages
Game Titan - Cheese Frenzy

Foreign Web sites (G3D websites in other languages than english)

Syntheme - Web site in German
Genesis3D 1.1 pour Cbuilder ou BCC55 - Web site in French

Unrealated Web sites (Friends or partners. Totally unrealated)

Kathryn E. Terry - Legal Web Site
L'esprit Boomerang



2 cool videos coming from some friends deployed over seas.

The first one, Operation Enduring Freedom, is HUGE (357MB, 30 minutes) and will take a while to download.

The second one, F18 Ride, is a lot smaller (8.25MB, 3 minutes).


Another one, a Superbowl commercial, called Applause. I think that they should play this one a lot more often.