2. Building a simple room
In this Chapter, we will see how to build a simple room, light it and add the player. Then we will compile and run it.

2.1 Building and texturing a room
When you run GEdit, the screen looks like this:
GEdit starts in Template Mode on the Template Panel. The white cross represents the camera that allows you to look around in the Texture View. The blue brush represents the default template "hollow brush" that you will use to build the room. Notice that this brush is still not created, and to do so, you have to press the Enter key. You can now see in the Texture View that you have created a room using the default texture for the walls, floor and ceiling. Click on the Select Mode button,

and the brush should turn white. Select the brush by clicking on the border. It should turn cyan.
You can move it or resize it by clicking on the "Move/Rotate Brush" button or the "Scale Brush" button and drag & drop one of its edge.

Let's change the textures now. Switch to Camera Mode

and press the "Page Down" key to switch from Brush Mode to Face Mode. Notice that the color of the brush in Face Mode turns to purple. In the Camera View, move the camera by holding down the left mouse button and moving around in order to see a wall, the floor and the ceiling. Now, switch back in Select Mode and, in the Camera View, select the ceiling face by clicking on it. Click on the Textures Panel,

select the texture you want for the ceiling and click the Apply button. Then, select the floor face in the Camera View, select the texture for the floor and Apply it. You can do the same for each wall, moving the camera in the Camera View if necessary to be able to select the walls (don't forget that you have to switch in Camera Mode to move in the Camera View and to switch back in Select Mode to select a face), and texture them the same way.

2.2 Adding a light
Switch to Template Mode,

click on the Template Panel and choose, in the Entity List, the Light entity.

On the left side of the Entity List, click on the button that represents a "light bulb" and press the Enter key. You've just added a Light entity in the room! Then, switch to Select Mode, select the Light entity in one of the view and click on the Entity Dialog button.

The Entity Dialog box should look like this:

Double-click on the field "light" and enter a value of 800. Then close the Entity Dialog box by clicking the top right button of the box. You can also move the light entity in the views by clicking on the "Move/Rotate Brush" button and drag & drop it in the room.

2.3 Adding the Player
Switch to Template Mode, choose the DeathMatchStart entity (the Player), click on the "light bulb" button and press the Enter key. You can move the Player around in the room the same way that you did with the light, to set its starting position. Now, you will compile and run your level. Click the Compile button,

and the Compile Manager dialog should look like this:

Uncheck the "Default Light Level (RGB)". Click OK. The Command Panel shows the Console Panel that displays the compiling results. When the compiler is done, a dialog box pops-up, saying that the "Level compile completed successfully." and asking you to "Run preview?". Click OK and the Genesis3d engine should start in fullscreen mode, loading your level.

Congratulations!   Now you can move around your fisrt room, jump, shoot,... etc.

NOTICE: In order to run a level with GTest preview, a DeathMatchStart entity MUST be present.