4. Adding actors (Bots)

Two types of Bots are available in GEdit. BotActorStart and BotMatchStart. BotActorStart represents a single Bot (the girl, Dema in GTest). You can add as many BotActorStart you want in a level, and you'll have the same number of Bots when you'll compile and run your level.
BotMatchStart works differently. A BotMatchStart, in GTest, is the position where a group of 1 to 4 Bots will spawn (you can set their number in the GTest menu). When you'll add several BotMatchStart in your map, they represent the position where the Bots will spawn radomly at these different locations. In other words, you will still have 1 to 4 Bots no matter how many BotMatchStart you place in your map.

Let's add a BotActorStart first. In Template Mode, in the Template Panel, select, in the Entity List a BotActorStart.

Click on the "light bulb" button, drag and drop the blue cross away from the center in the Top View, and press the Enter key.
Now, click on the Dialog Entity button

and select in the Drop down menu list the BotActorStart1 entity. The Entity Dialog should looks like this:

Respawn tells GTest if the Bot must respawn (comes back to life) after being killed. SkillLevel doesn't seem to do anything in GTest (maybe I'm wrong here, but I never noticed any difference. Anyway, you can use this parameter inside your own application).
Let's change the Respawn parameter to True and close the Entity Dialog box.
Compile and try to survive...

Now, you will add a BotMatchStart. Still in Template Mode, choose a BotMatchStart entity in the Entity List, in the Template Panel.
Click the "light bulb" button, move the blue cross away from the center of the Top View and press the Enter key. There is no special parameters in the Entity Dialog box for a BotMatchStart.
Compile and run. This room gets really crowded!

Notice that with a BotActorStart (1 Bot) and a BotMatchStart (4 Bots if set to 4 in the GTest menu, like in this example), you will have a total of 5 Bots in the room with those 2 entities.

For more information on how to add your own entities in GEdit, please, read the Chapter Appendix B: Entity Header Files.