Note: Text by Eclipse Entertainment

Appendix C: Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys

Although it's possible to use the mouse to perform common editing functions, it's much faster to use shortcut keys to change modes and reserve the mouse for modifying the geometry and moving entities. The editor supports a wide range of shortcut keys.

Mode Control

A : Activates selection mode
C : Activates camera mode
T : Activates Template mode
L : Activates Scale mode
M : Activates Move mode
R : Activates Shear mode


Del : Delete selected brushes and entities
Ctrl+A : Selects all brushes and entities in the level
Ctrl+D : Deselect all selected brushes and entities

File Operations

Ctrl+N : Create a new file
Ctrl+O : Open an existing file
Ctrl+S : Save file

Miscellaneous Commands

F1 : Help
Left arrow : Select previous face or brush
Right arrow : Select next face or brush
F6 : Go to next pane
Shift+F6 : Go to previous pane
Keypad + : Zoom in
Keypad - : Zoom out
X : Lock X axis
Y : Lock Y axis
Z : Lock Z axis
Enter : Add template brush/entity to level
N : Make current brush newest
PgDn : Toggle between brush mode and face mode