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Appendix C: The Initialization File GEDIT.INI

GEDIT.INI contains program option settings for the editor. The editor looks for the initialization file in the directory that contains the executable program, GEDIT.EXE. The [Paths] section of the initialization file contains settings that are required in order for the editor to run. These settings are:

The texture library where the editor will look for its textures. The default is gedit.txl.

The full path and file name of the preview program. The default is C:\EditorDir\GPREVIEW.EXE, where EditorDir is replaced by the name of the directory that contains the preview program.

A semicolon-separated list of paths to search for texture library files. The editor searches for texture library files in the following directories in this order: the directory that contains the file being edited, the programs current working directory, the directory that contains GEDIT.EXE, the directories that are specified in TxlSearchPath.

The path to the directory that contains user-defined entity header files.

The directory in which the editor looks for and stores level files.

The directory in which the editor looks for and stores premade objects.

The [GRID] section stores the grid preferences that you define in the editor. The three settings (Background, Color, and SnapColor) define the colors for the orthographic views background, and Grid color and snap grid color lines.

In addition to program options, this file stores editor desktop settings (toolbar positions, etc.), and the recent files list. The desktop settings are stored in sections whose names start with DESKTOP, and the recent files list is stored in the [Recent File List] section.